Highschool Esports

Short Form


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Team Building

Esports takes a massive amount of communication and coordination amongst athletes. It allows for a deeper level of interaction and trains efficient communication. These skills honed in game readies students for life.

Scholarship Opportunities

Many Organizations offer scholarship prize pools to help students pay for a college of their choice. In addition many colleges offer esports team with scholarship optionsĀ 

Fast Growing Industry

Esports is a booming industry. Many job opportunities outside of being a pro players are being created. Esports has many skill it can teach for these jobs, like steaming, production, programming, and management

Path To College

Colleges are offering esports programs for students and offering scholarships for their participants. This is a new viable path to college for some who many never have considered obtaining higher education


How To Start A Team

  1. Find A Teacher Who Will Be Able To Help You With The Team And Has Time Available To Host Team Meetings
  2. Find Interested Students To Join The Team
  3. Work With Your Teacher Advisor
  4. Reach out to interested Students About The Finalaized Team Meeting Days and Times
  5. Host Your First Team Meeting
  6. Get Partnered With Esport Recruiter