College Esports Recriuting

Short Form

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Varsity Esports

Since its establishment in the early 2000’s, professional and club esports has seen rapid growth in both participation and viewership. According to ESPN The Magazine’s June 22, 2015 esports issue, the 2014 League of Legends championship drew an online viewership of 27 million people, which is more than the NBA Finals (15.5 million), Major League Baseball’s World Series (13.8 million) and the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Finals (5 million). DOTA 2 – another popular esport – drew 20 million that same year according to the article.

Varsity refers to the principal teams representing a college or university. Primarily these teams compete against similar teams at peer educational institutions. Additionally varsity programs receive significant support in resources. Typically these resources take the form of financial support, facilities, equipment and scholarships from college and university departments.

For College  Students

Colleges and universities provide students just like you with opportunities to play college esports. As of December 2017 nearly $9 million in scholarships is given out from NACE institutions to their students in their varsity esports programs each year. NACE is an association that, above all things, cares about and is focused on student success - helping you to attain your education and esport goals. Here at E sport Recruiter we want to make E sports accessible to anyone who is interested in joining this growing movement.


How to Get Started

Reach out to us via the link at the bottom of this page for either students or schools.  If you are a student we will reach out to you to either connect you with an institution to learn more about you and to possibly connect you with. If you are a school we will reach out to understand your goals in starting an esports program and where we can help.